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The Journey

A nice crisp breeze filled the morning with glee.

With the nice crisp breeze going through the feather, the dove flapped her wings delicately and started off her journey. She flew into a tropical jungle to enjoy a natural sunbath above the trees. While she was enjoying the gentle touch of the sunlight and shimmering leaves, the singing of the cranes caught her attention. The dove followed them to a Japanese garden and danced together under some pine trees. She felt energetic and flew higher into the beautiful clouds. Being up and away in the sky, she danced across people inside the floating hot balloons. She spent the whole evening with them and guided them around all the hidden germs in town. The night came and the moon and stars brightened up the night sky. The dove was ready to return home and enjoy the pure calmness before her sleep. The galaxy was so beautiful as if always…

The end of the day is never the end of her journey. The adventurous dove is always motivated by the world and waiting to start another glamorous journey anytime.

In MOONDOVE, we always strive for excellence and accept new challenges. Would you like to join us with our journey?

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